The Benefits Of Onboard Truck Scales For Your Scrap Business

Scales are an essential part of the scrap and recycling industry. Onboard truck scales can streamline your scrap business by bringing the scale to the product. Compatible with forklifts, loaders, cranes and trucks, onboard scales allow you to accurately weigh and record load data in real time.

Weigh incoming loads quickly

If you receive inventory on pallets or bundles, you can use a forklift scale to check the weight of a shipment, verifying that its stated value is correct. Any light loads will be immediately obvious, and you’ll be able to resolve any issues quickly. Weighing loads as they come in speeds up your business operations, allowing you to move more scrap in less time and maximise your bottom line.

Better estimate loads

Onboard truck scales provide highly accurate weight readings because the weighing system is hydraulic based. In fact, onboard scales operate within 1% accuracy, so using an onboard scale means you can avoid overloading or underloading trucks or containers. If you overload trucks, you run the risk of damaging your loading vehicle and creating a safety hazard. Overloading can also be costly – because of Chain of Responsibility laws in Australia, you could be fined if you don’t load your vehicles safely within legal limits. So it’s never been more important to have accurate weight readings of a truck’s load before it leaves the scrap yard.

Immediate weight readings as you load

When you use onboard truck scales, you can weigh as you load, meaning you won’t need to drive trucks through a weighbridge or over a floor scale to find out whether they’re overloaded. You can load vehicles correctly the first time, every time, reducing the need for re-loading and re-weighing. When onboard truck scales are not used, trucks have up to 15% risk of being overloaded. And it’s not just overloading that can be an issue, but under-loading also has an impact on your bottom line. Most business owners want their trucks to carry the maximum legal limit to increase their productivity as much as possible. Introducing onboard truck scales means you can reduce unnecessary trips to the weighbridge, saving your business valuable time and effort.

Keep closer track of inventory and movements

Many onboard truck scales come with data collection functionality so you can transfer weight readings to your computer via a USB stick. Some systems have even automated this process, feeding directly into a centralised data management system so you can track site operations to keep a closer eye on your inventory and movements. And because onboard scales provide more precise weight measurements, you won’t need to round weights or perform manual calculations, giving you a more accurate report of your stock levels.

AccuOnboard is Australia’s largest supplier of onboard truck scales and onboard vehicle weighing systems, and all their Onboard Weighing Systems are AMSA compliant. With highly trained staff and a wealth of industry experience, AccuOnboard is ideally placed to provide any weighing solution for your business.

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