The Most Effective Way to Clean Up Dust & Powder Spills

Dust Collector Rentals is a name that has for many years been synonymous with the efficient and cost effective clean up of major dust and powder spills throughout industry, with equipment frequently used for aluminium dust, coal fines, flour, plaster, plastics, ore fines and fertilizers, to name but a few.

Now, to compliment the company’s already extensive range of rental equipment, Dust Collector Rentals has introduced the new “Smart Vac” electric vacuum system. This revolutionary new machine, not only effectively cleans up major spills, but can also bag spilled product for disposal or re-use, offering big savings on product losses!

The “Smart Vac” utilises a 25cu.m/min positive displacement vacuum unit coupled to a 30kW electric motor. This powerful drive combination allows product to be sucked through a 10cm diameter hose for distances of up to 100 metres. It also provides sufficient power to allow the unit to be networked via a ring main and used throughout the plant.

With a fully integrated reverse jet pulse filtration system, the “Smart Vac” reduces the risk of dust explosions, is far more efficient than sweepers and, being fully transportable by forklift truck, is considerably more cost effective and versatile than a vacuum truck.

Manufactured in Sydney by Dust Collector Rentals to "heavyduty" specification,the user friendly “Smart Vac” can be supplied with an integrated dust tipping bin, which is easily removed by the operator, so that the collected product can be dumped. Alternatively, the unit can be fitted with an integral bulk bag, which allows collected product to be easily and efficiently re-introduced into the process, reducing the cost associated with product spills.

The “Smart Vac” is ideal for use in most industries and can be supplied manufactured from stainless steel, for recycling applications in the food industry.

For more information or a product demonstration, contact Dust Collector Rentals.

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