Thinnest Gauge Stainless Steel Ducting and Accessories

Air quality specialist Eximo is now producing one of the thinnest gauge, stainless steel industrial ducting products available in Australia and New Zealand.

The company’s Speedlock S.75 product is made with a wall thickness of just three quarters of a millimetre, but still provides a huge amount of strength and stability in service.

The development came about purely due to market demand, which was looking for a light, relocatable product that didn’t sacrifice strength and capability in industrial applications.

Because its stainless steel item range is comparatively stronger than the company’s galvanised steel products, Eximo produces its galvanised at 1mm wall thickness and its stainless steel in 0.75mm thickness, yet they are about the same strength and durability.

Eximo’s Asia-Pacific Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr Morris Short, says that many installations can now utilise sufficient ducting systems with very small gauge steel, especially in applications where a person is working solo in putting the system together.

"The thin gauge guarantees a much lighter material, so as to make it safer easier for one person to handle the equipment," said Mr Short.

"But the added bonus is the Speedlock S.75 product is very strong, so it will suit a lot of applications across the industrial spectrum. and, as it is made of stainless steel, it has perfectly good applications in food processing and pharmaceutical applications where stainless steel is often demanded by Australian and New Zealand Standards," said Mr Short.

To complement the Speedlock S.75, Eximo has also introduced the same types of accessories in stainless steel for which the market has been obtaining in the 1mm-thick, galvanised Speedlock 1 product. These accessories include;

  • Straight pieces
  • Bends at 90°, 60°, 45°, 30°, 15° and 7.5°
  • Telescopic pieces which can be put into ductwork so as to eliminate cutting and beating
  • Branch pieces, T pieces, Y pieces
  • Reducing cones

Just as importantly, Eximo has replicated the Standard Lock Ring and Lever Lock Ring systems for the Speedlock S.75 product.

"We have finished off the range with hose spigots, throttle valves and blast gates (both manually operated and pneumatic)," said Mr Short.

"We know that the pricing is the best in Australia and New Zealand so we expect a lot of immediate interest in the product. Speedlock S.75 comes into the market as one is the physically lightest products for its strength capacity, so it is very easy and safe to put into place, fast to assemble and reconfigure, and has a high level of reusability because it is so relocatable," said Mr Short.

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