Torex Loading Bellows from WAM

Loading bellows are used for efficient, dust controlled loading of dry, dusty bulk materials into tankers, open trucks, drums, bins, and railcars or for open loading of ships, barges, and stockpiles.

These spouts are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material and an outer flexible sleeve to provide for dust withdrawal. The comprehensive range of loading bellows and options offered by WAM means that we can tailor make the equipment to suit the customers requirements & application.

Loading bellows can be used in many industries and applications, including Incinerators, Ship Loaders, Flour Milling, Mining, Quarrying, Cement – Lime – Gypsum, Environmental Technology, Chemicals, Wood Processing, Animal Feed, Grain, Detergents, Plastics, Stock Piles, Aluminium Smelters, Sugar Refineries, Rail Trucks.

Performance and technical features include;

  • Built-in dust filter reduces dust emission during filling operation
  • Flexible chute in Neoprene covered by Hypalon® makes the bellow weather-proof, highly abrasion and temperature-resistant and durable
  • Reverse cone with inside level indicator indicates when tanker is full, raises loading bellow gradually and improves material distribution inside the tanker
  • Two lifting cables outside the material flow raise and lower the loading bellow without any cable wear due to material friction and obstruction to material flow

Options and accessories include;

  • Double bellows with optional internal steel cones
  • Bellows manufactured in Neoprene / Hypalon® (food-grade on request) or Kevlar®
  • Control panel with remote control
  • Available with capacitance level indicator (optionally twin-type), rotary level indicator or vibrating level indicator
  • Outlet vibrator
  • Metallic contact parts in hardened abrasion-resistant steel
  • Anti-spillage device
  • Metallic parts in contact with the material handled in wear-resistant steel
  • Loading Bellow positioners for increased speed and efficiency in any loading operation.

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