Torpedo In-Line Magnets

Aims Industrial supply Bunting® Torpedo In-Line Magnets (TIM) which provide permanent magnetic protection for vacuum systems. They clamp directly into flexible hoses to capture ferrous contaminants. The compact TIM is an ideal option for use between gaylords and vacuum loaders wherever overhead space is limited and prevents the use of a Bunting® Drawer Magnet.

Torpedo In-Line Magnets feature space-saving design and permanent Rare Earth magnets for high-energy tramp-iron capture and holding power.

Installations that have been in service for many years are possibly using low strength magnets which are no longer good enough to provide adequate ferrous contamination protection. So Aims Industrial also offer an on site testing service to check if your current magnets meet the latest standards. Using their factory calibrated Kanetec gauss meter, they can check the strength of you magnets and provide you with a written report.

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