Truck Weighbridge for Weighing Shipping Containers

A Truck Weighbridge is being used in Western Australia for weighing incoming shipping containers before being transported by rail. Installed by Accuweigh’s Perth branch, the Truck Weighbridge was supplied with AASoftware’s Ticket Aid Pro Weighbridge Software to track all vehicle movements over the Weighbridge.

The single deck Truck Weighbridge measures thirty-three metres long using a semi-pit foundation to keep the weighing deck at ground level for easy truck access. To comply with OH&S requirements, the exposed shallow pit of the Truck Weighbridge is covered by full length walkways.

Truck Weighbridges using full pit foundations require Confined Space Permits to be issued for all cleaning and servicing requirements which can significantly increase service and maintenance costs. A semi-pit weighbridge foundation provides easy access to the underside of the weighbridge deck and load cells through open air access hatches built into the overhead walkways.

Ten heavy duty weighbridge load cells support the heavy concrete weighbridge deck with an Avery 1210 digital weight indicator used to generate the weight readings of vehicles using the truck weighbridge.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of Truck Scales and Truck Weighbridges and has branches in all mainland states offering complete service support on all types, brands and capacities of Weighbridges.

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