Truck Weighing Scales for Scrap Metal Recycler

Truck Weighing Scales are being used for weighing deliveries of scrap metal at a recycling facility in South Australia. Sold and commissioned by Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch, the Truck Weighing Scales were also supplied with Accuweigh’s Ticket Aid Weighbridge Software for tracking vehicle deliveries.

Accuweigh’s Truck Weighing Scale uses an open-pit foundation with the weighing deck at ground level for easy truck access and to minimise the scale footprint by eliminating the need for space consuming access ramps as required in above ground weighbridge scales.

The open-pit foundation also provides easy access to the load cells for maintenance and cleaning requirements without the need for Confined Space Permits as required on full pit Weighbridge scales. This short Truck Weighing Scale measures 12 metres long with an extended width of 3.5 metres to assist with vehicle turning during entry and departure in the limited area available.

This concrete weighing deck is designed for heavy duty weighing applications with the significant mass of the concrete making a more stable weighing structure better able to resist weight fluctuations in windy conditions. All steelwork of Accuweigh’s Truck Weighing Scales is fully hot-dip galvanised for superior corrosion resistance and an extended working life in industrial and wet environments.

Accuweigh’s eight branches across mainland states provide Superior Product Support for all brand, type and capacity of Truck Weighing Scales.

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