Truck Wheel Wash for NSW Coal Mine

A Truck Wheel Wash was recently commissioned for Ulan Coal Mines near Mudgee in New South Wales. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch, the AccuWash Truck Wheel Wash was installed as part of Ulan Coal’s Duty of Care program to eliminate potential track-out onto public roads from becoming a safety issue for other road users.

Accuweigh’s Truck Wheel Wash is designed to thoroughly clean the wheels, tyres and underbodies of vehicles without requiring the services of an operator. The wheel wash cycle is initiated by vehicles tripping a mechanical switch as they enter the washing bay. Shaker grids were also installed either side of the Truck Wheel Wash to further assist the removal of heavy clays stuck under the truck body and wheel wells.

The AccuWash Truck Wheel Wash features an automatic sludge scraper to remove mud, clay and organic material from the water holding tank during every wash cycle. The sludge is discharged into an external collections bin which is easily removed by a forklift or end loader.

To further improve quality of the recycled water used by the Truck Wheel Wash, a Hydrocyclone Centrifugal Separator removes fine silt, sand and dissolved solids to eliminate potential pitting of vehicle paintwork and damage to underbody components caused by suspended particles under high pump pressures.

Accuweigh’s eight branches across mainland states are staffed by fully trained and experienced professionals to provide Superior Product Support on all Truck Wheel Washing applications.

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