Two Year Auger Upgrade Program

Understanding many old auger fillers have good mechanical components but suffer from “out of date” controls which reduce productivity and cannot be effectively serviced, Australian Filling & Packaging Machines(AFPM) have introduced an upgrade program to minimize costs and maximize benefits.

Adapted to a range of old style fillers, AFPM’s program increases the capabilities of older units, which after 2 years can be upgraded with new mechanical items.

According to AFPM’s Paul Herbison, “A staged upgrade over 18-36 months can be more practical & cost effective than full replacement, providing some parts can be used for another 2-3 years.

“Using local controls with high quality components ensures support not available from other low cost options and is a logical process for planned equipment upgrade without initial high costs.

“A planned process within payback periods reduces ongoing maintenance costs and compliments long term manufacturing strategies”

New control systems have many software features including.

  • Program recall.
  • Feed back and auto adjustment from check-weighers.
  • Fill x volume, weight or combination.
  • Conveyor and other equipment interfacing.
  • In-feed control & alarms.
  • Dual level monitored safety circuits.

All of these can be integrated with new machines after 18-36 months or any other schedule suited to a company’s requirement.

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