Uniflow-200 from Process Control – Probably the Most Flexible Flow Computer in the World

Process Control’s UNIFLOW-200 MFC represents the next generation of flow computers incorporating more than 20 years of experience in development and manufacturing.

UNIFLOW-200 incorporates improved hardware and software capabilities to match the large variety of requirements for flow computer functionality in the markets. Whatever the flowing fluid (material) liquid, gas or steam, whatever the flow meter, orifice, turbine meter, ultrasonic meter or any other, UNIFLOW-200 offers unpaired capabilities and flexibility in flow measurement. It helps to improve process efficiency and to reduce operating costs.
One single UNIFLOW-200 can measure 8 fluid streams simultaneously so that it replaces 8 single stream flow computers in one case. It can remarkably reduce the CAPEX and OPEX costs. Any change in the existing metering applications or any new application can be implemented easily, quickly and cost effectively in the UNIFLOW-200.

UNIFLOW-200 provides the total solution for flow measurement as a stand-alone flow computer. Versatile communication protocols ensure easy integration with complex SCADA/HMI systems.
It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that, whatever your future requirements the UNIFLOW-200 can be adapted quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

The UNIFLOW-200 MFC was specifically designed for hydrocarbon gas and liquid flow measurement. The standard features of the instrument make it ideal for fiscal measurement and custody transfer. However, it is cost effectively applicable for process applications as well. The accurate flow calculation helps in process optimization.

The flow computer has the EC-type examination certificate from the Hungarian Office of Measure (OMH) according to the Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) as a gas volume conversion device.
The flow computer is OIML R117 compliant. It is certified for custody transfer measurement of liquids, like crude oil and refined products.

The UNIFLOW-200 can be used for single or multi-run applications up to eight meter runs. In a multi-run system different types of fluids can be assigned to different meter runs. For example the operator can configure two runs for gas and three runs for liquid process media. In addition four virtual meter runs can be configured, as station totalizators. They can for example summarize flows in parallel meter runs, or can subtract one meter run flow from the other. Based on the input and output flows, calculation of efficiency for a given part of the technology can be implemented.
Set up of material and energy balance calculations is equally easy.

UNIFLOW-200 is ideal for example for a gas engine CHP plant efficiency calculation as it can measure not only the gas, steam and water flows but the electrical power as well.
Every meter run can be configured with different types of flow meters.

The entire configuration can be done using the instrument display and keypad, or by means of a PC based parameter configuration software (U200ToolBox). The configuration is simple and straightforward. No special programming skill or knowledge of a special programming language is required. The operator simply selects the built-in features required for the particular application.

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