Unique Paddle Sifter

The Fresco paddle sifter is unique in that it breaks hard lumpy product which would otherwise be rejected from a vibratory or rotary sifter. The paddle sifter mounts directly onto a blender, bag dump, screw conveyor or other process equipment reducing floor area and need for interconnecting conveyors. The paddle sifter easily handles difficult to handle products like cheese salt, icing sugar, whole milk powder, waxes etc which tend to lump during transit and storage. The compact design can be easily retrofitted to existing processes reducing manual handling and increasing productivity.

The housing of the paddle sifter is totally enclosed and when connected to an integral or stand alone dust collection system allows the operator to cut and tip bags of product in a dust free environment directly onto the rigid grate. The product then passes through the grate and into the agitatored sifting zone. The agitator is fitted with a series of brushes or beaters which continuously agitate the product until it is small enough to pass through the screen.

Access to the screen is gained quickly and without tools through the double hinge access door fitted with a safety isolation switch. All models are fitted with our unique lip seal and interlocking drive arrangement. The screw and brush section are easily removed leaving the stub shafts secured in the twin bearing mounts and shaft seals. This reduces the damage on shaft seals due to operator error.

The standard sifter is capable of handling a vast range of products from very fine powders to coarse granules and beads.

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