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Wayahead Systems is a leader in the development of bulk weighing, dispensing and mixing software. In their ongoing commitment to 3WS, Wayahead has
increased their development team with two new staff, Tony Donaldson and Tariq Firoz, both experienced C++ programmers.

The company has also recently released a new SHIPPER LABEL printing module. This extra functionality within 3WS can now use various barcode labelling utilities, such as Bartender, Rave Labels and Crystal, plus other barcoding printing products. This module allows more flexible onsite design of customized labels and on-screen label review, before barcode printing of Lot
Number, Batch, Shipper and Finished Goods labels. This enhancement introduces a validated, GUI label printing module, which is now being considered by most 3WS sites.

Other recent changes to 3WS include Location Management functionality and Work Order Yield and Accountability Management.

Another new feature is the ability to weigh bulk (WIP) materials into smaller containers, which allows use of the labelled containers in other parts of the factory. Once barcoded, these containers containing tablets etc, can then be packaged by 3WS or shipped to other manufacturing locations.

Two new sites also recently started using 3WS. Nutra-Life in Auckland, NZ and BMS in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both sites now use 3WS for Lotno barcode labeling and dispensing and have also developed interfaces with their existing ERP systems.

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