Uva’s Ultrasonic Sealing System for Liquids

UVA Packaging has introduced an ultrasonic sealing system on its Vertical Form, Fill and Sealing machinery for liquid packing.

Some of the benefits of ultrasonic sealing include tight seals even if liquid is within the seal area, film savings because of smaller ‘bag header’, short seal times even for laminate products, seal quality check for each individual bags and low maintenance costs.

Ultrasonic sealing is a method for joining thermoplastic material together by emitting acoustic vibrations, creating a tight, strong seal. The film is sealed with heat from friction generated by an oscillating tool, eliminating the need for direct heat contact.

Typical heat sealing systems often require intensive cleaning as the product tends to melt and accumulate in the sealing zone. The ultrasonic process can seal film structures that have been contaminated by product, minimizing stoppages.

UVA Packaging experienced this technology to be extremely suitable for bagged liquids, confectionery, salads and snacks, we look forward to discussing your application.

Since 2003 PMB-UVA International BV has been part of de VDL Group. To emphasize the strength and unity, their website has been renewed to reflect the market-orientated approach of the new group. Strengths in all markets have been built with respect to proven designs, utilizing the latest technologies available.

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