Vacuum Handling Cylinder with Automatic Stroke Control

[PIAB’s]() new Vactivator V10, is a vacuum handling cylinder featuring automatic stroke control. The cylinder is available in V10/20 article number 01.12.645, with a stroke of 0-20 mm.

Counter to traditional gripping systems in which construction is often based on pneumatic cylinders, valves and sensors for the control of the piston rod, the Vactivator’s piston rod stops and returns instantly when the suction cup contacts the object. No positioning units are needed, as the piston rod returns to its original position using vacuum and a return spring while the object is held by the suction cup. Suction cup gripping is possible anywhere within the stroke of the piston rod, and as the object is always released at the same position, advanced gripping equipment is unnecessary.

The simple design and precise tolerances of the Vactivator make it a low-energy option that is ideal for fast and accurate control in graphic and packaging applications, such as paper and blanks feeding, carton erecting, and pick-and-place procedures.

The Vactivator is actuated solely by vacuum, which means no additional equipment is required. Because of its forgiving design, only a low level of energy is necessary for operation. This provides a reliable, cost-effective vacuum solution with a lifetime of over 30 million production cycles under average industrial conditions.

A limited number of couplings and pipes, along with a provided T-slot, makes installation of the Vactivator V10-20 quick and easy.

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