Vad/Var Diverter Valves from Torex

Vad/Var-type Diverter Valves are suitable for use in pneumatic conveying lines for handling any type of product in powder or granular form.

Vad/Var Diverter Valves consist of an aluminium die-cast casing and a swivel flap that closes one duct or the other. The range suits common pipe standards used for pneumatic conveying. Internal sealing of the body is achieved through low friction gaskets.

Surface treatment is available to make the valves suitable for operation with different materials. These valves are suitable for use in both dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying.

Through activation of the actuator direction of the material flow is changed. Vad/Var-type Diverter Valves guarantee minimum pressure loss and contamination-free, pressure-proof operation.

The Diverter valves can be operated by either Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Swivel Drive or Manual Lever.

Technical Specifications:

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