Valve Bag Fillers, Palletiser & Stretch Wrapper Line at Cemix NZ

Budpak installed a complete bagging line for Cemix Product’s Auckland NZ plant including twin valve bag packers to fill bags with cement which are then conveyed to the Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser. A pallet dispenser transfers empty pallets to the loading station, and the completed pallet is transferred to an automatic stretch wrapper, then to the accumulation conveyor for removal by fork truck.

Budpak’s turnkey bagging line was installed in 2004 and comfortably handles 700 – 800 x 25kg bags per hour.

Bud-Pak supplies all associated equipment items such as check weigher, metal detector, reject conveyor, bag cleaner, ink jet coder, empty pallet dispenser, slip sheet applicator, pallet handling conveyors, top sheet applicator, automatic stretch wrapper, and powered or gravity filled pallet accumulation conveyors.

All Fuji-Ace robotic palletisers include simply programming to reduce configuration time, and intuitive visual buttons on the touch screen speed up the previously time consuming task of programming the robot. Up to 30 stacking patterns can be programmed into the robot’s memory. Fuji also utilises a point to point control system that further reduces and simplifies programming time, with only the pick-up and put-down points needing to be programmed for the first two layers.

Fuji Yusoki has been developing, supplying and improving palletizing technology for nearly 40 years. In 1982, Fuji recognized the changing market and met the demands of the palletizing industry by developing the first Robotic Palletizer. They have since perfected the mechanical and electrical aspects of their robot models to match the needs of virtually every palletizing industry currently available. Fuji-Ace robots are the most popular method of palletising in Japan and there are currently over 7000 Fuji-Ace palletising robots operating in various industries worldwide.

Budpak’s is based in Newcastle but has branches in all mainland states to ensure clients have access to local state based sales and service support.

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