Our portable hoppers kept jamming up…

“We were having a real problem with our portable hoppers. We needed to move them from one site to another. Every time we moved them, the processed wood material inside would pack and then be a real pain to unstick. We’d have to bang on the sides of the hopper to get a flow going, and then we’d keep banging on it throughout the whole empty. It was a huge waste of labour time, the noise of the banging was awful and we were risking someone getting hurt while swinging the hammer.”

To overdcome this persistant problem, VIBCO recommended the installation a BVS-320 Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator mounted to each side of the hopper. Rubber wheels were mounted on each corner of the stand to prevent the vibration from being transferred through the stand onto the floor. Vibrating the processed wood material kept it loose and virtually eliminated the jamming problem.

After installing the two VIBCO BVS-320 Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators the customer eliminated the material flow problems on the portable hopper, with no more wasted labour hours and injury risk from banging on the hopper and the noise problem was also eliminated with VIBCO’s SILENT turbine vibrators.

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