Vibrating Level Switches for Solids

Level and limit value measurement perform a very important function in most production facilities. Vessels containing many different media must be monitored and their filling and emptying controlled in a way that meets process requirements. Continuous level measurement provides analogue information, while binary limit value detection normally controls intake, outlet and overflow valves. Depending on the type of measurement and the circumstances, many different sensors, including vibrating level switches, are used.

The new generation of VEGA level switches are now equipped with very sophisticated vibrating rods or forks. In conjunction with an optimisation of the electronics and the piezo drive, this smaller design enables with far less power a reliable transmission of the switching signal. As a result, it is possible to use electrical interfaces, such as the NAMUR interface, that operate with minimal power requirements. Even pressure shocks have no detrimental effect on the device’s functions. The advantages of this drive concept apply to all sensor versions. In addition, Vegaswing 60 operates independently of the electrical properties of the medium.

The VEGAVIB 61 is a level switch for granular and coarse-grained bulk solids. The VEGAVIB 61 detects reliably and accurately the min. or max. level. The smooth surface of the vibrating rod, without corners and edges, avoids jamming of the bulk solid and is easy to clean. Benefits include: Minimum time and cost expenditure thanks to simple setup without medium; Reliable function through product-independent switching point; Low maintenance costs.

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