Vibratory Hopper Screens

Included in the extensive Fresco product range is the vibratory hopper screen. The vibratory security screen adds an extra line of defence in removing over size particles and other foreign matter like paper and cotton. The screens are fitted into the top of the bag dump allowing the operator to empty the bags at an ergonomic working height. The vibration also aids in the discharge of the product from the bag being tipped. The screens can be fitted with fixed or interchangeable mesh apertures as required.

A vibratory motor mounted outside the product contact area provides the motion required to encourage the product to pass through the screen rather than bridge above it. The vibratory motor can be rated for hazardous dust areas where explosive dusts are being handled. For difficult to handle materials Fresco also manufactures a screen fitted with rotating brushes sweeping the product through the screen while preventing blinding.

Food grade rubber isolation mounts prevent the transfer of vibration through to the hopper itself. Screens can be manufactured in either stainless steel or mild steel to suit the application.

Almost all Fresco hoppers can be fitted with vibratory screens regardless of the downstream hopper discharge application.

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