Video Shows Gentle Palletising of Bags

A video by Schwenk shows the Beumer twin-belt turning device gently palletising bags Credible video demonstration

In order to enable careful palletising of bags filled with building materials, Schwenk Putztechnik relies on the newly developed Beumer twin-belt turning device. During layer forming, the bags are placed in the correct position with special care, ensuring their dimensional stability.

The result is a stable stack with a perfect configuration. The leading building manufacturer shows the mode of operation of this innovative solution in a video film on their website.

The film available under shows the Beumer twin-belt turning device in operation in palletisers located at the Schwenk Putztechnik GmbH & Co. KG plants in Eigeltingen and Allmendingen. This innovative device gently puts the bags into the desired packing pattern. This way, the bagged materials are optimally prepared for palletising.

The bags are turned into the correct position according to a predetermined packing pattern by their net weight and with the help of two belt conveyors, which are arranged in parallel and driven separately. Thus the configuration of the stack is always perfect, which both improves stability and leaves a positive impression on final customers. In the video, Markus Martin, plant manager of the two Schwenk plants, explains, "we particularly benefit from lower maintenance and operating costs."

Martin further proclaims, "moreover, we do not have to adapt the system when handling different products, which considerably increases productivity." Thanks to the modular design, the twin-belt turning device could be easily integrated into the existing system. The modified system was ready for use in just ten days.

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