Vortex Announces Representative Agent In France

Darlington, UK – Vortex Valves Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Salina Vortex Corporation, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chupin Packaging Services International (C.P.S.I.) as the company’s exclusive manufacturing representative in France.

In May 2009, Guillaume Chupin created C.P.S.I. This company advises foreign companies who want to develop a business location in France. ChupinPack is the commercial department of C.P.S.I for importation and distribution in process and packaging equipment. ChupinPack sells to a variety of companies such as Nestle, Ajinomoto, Lactalis, Lindt & Sprüngl, Bayer, Sanofi, AkzoNobel and many others. ChupinPack also sells to many OEMs including Guerin Systems (Tetra Pak Group), Neu-Process, AZO, and Palamatic.

“We are proud that Vortex asked us to become their agent in France. Vortex equipment will be introduced to all industries where we sell our existing products,” says Guillaume Chupin, Directeur General of ChupinPack. “It is a very good opportunity for both companies to develop sales in the powder and aggregate industries. It is amazing to see the interest from our current customers in Vortex’s line of slide gates and diverter valves.”

From worldwide companies to small factories everywhere, people are sensitive to sealed equipment against dust. Many companies in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries contacted ChupinPack to resell the revolutionary BFM Fitting equipment. In 2013, ChupinPack started to push its products in aggregate factories and other industries containing metallic powders, plastic powders or phosphates. Vortex products provide a great opportunity and a new challenge to develop these businesses.

“We are pleased to partner with ChupinPack. It is a company that represents some of Europe’s most prominent brand names in components for bulk solids processing,” comments Travis Young, Vortex’s Vice President of Global Business Development. “We look forward to working with ChupinPack to provide these companies with the best possible dry bulk solutions throughout France.”

Additional Information:
For more than 35 years, Vortex Valves has provided quality Slide Gates, Diverters, and Iris Valves designed specifically for handling dry bulk solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or dense phase applications. Vortex Valves are engineered for dependability, durability, easy maintenance, and offer proven solutions to material handling and process efficiency problems. With an in-house team of engineers, Vortex Valves can be completely customized for individual applications or special installations.

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