Vortex Offers Loading Spouts for Dry Bulk

Vortex’s loading spouts are used for loading dry/bulk solid materials into open and/or enclosed vessels like trucks, railcars and barges. The 4-cable lifting design provides maximum stability when compared to the standard 2- or 3-cable systems.

Vortex’s 10-year warranty covers any Vortex loading spout cable that breaks due to friction from the pulley. The 3-piece CNC machined pulley features chamfered edges and precision cable grooves to significantly reduce cable wear and back lashing as the loading spout extends and retracts. Because the cables do not fray, cable failure is nearly eliminated and so is costly downtime for repairs.

Spouts manufactured by Vortex can also be bespoken for any dry bulk application. Food-friendly spouts can be designed with a rivet-free outer sleeve reducing the potential of contamination, and a one-piece peg cable harness eliminating the possibility of misaligned cones, drill shavings, and broken hardware.

Vortex can custom engineer loading spout systems to meet any loadout application requirements, including corrosive or hazardous materials, long distances, and extreme temperatures.

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