Vortex Titan Series Wear Lined Gravity Diverter Valves Handling Coal

Customer: Regional Coal-Fired Energy Plant

Material: Lignite coal

Application: Handling coal throughout a sizing (8” to dust) and drying process

Challenge: Outsource diverter valves that are durable, easily accessible, and will provide excellent life-cycle costs

Valves: Vortex Titan Series Wear Lined Gravity Diverters

Results: In considering a plant expansion, this facility identified two goals: 1) adding additional capacity to the facility, and 2) reducing carbon dioxide emissions. A major portion of the project involves crushing and sizing lignite coal from 8” chunks to dust and drying the coal. Lignite has a high moisture and ash content. By reducing the moisture and ash content, less coal is required to generate the same amount of electricity. This also results in fewer emissions.

As various flapper-style diverter valve manufacturers were considered, the Vortex Titan Series Wear Lined Gravity Diverter was chosen due to the many standard features it offered. In particular, project engineers liked: 1) the unique design – where the leading edge of the flapper is protected from the abrasion of material flowing through the valve, 2) the exterior access panels – allowing inspection or future maintenance to be conducted at the valve install point – without having to take the valve out of place, and 3) the many modifications that could be added to any individual diverter (e.g. type of actuator, optional interior liners, degree of off-leg angle).

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