Wayahead 3WS Dispensing and Manufacturing System for Fonterra

Wayahead has recently installed a new 3WS Dispensing and Manufacturing system at Fonterra in New Zealand. The project was completed on time, within budget and has been fully validated onsite. The manufacturing module uses Intermec CK31 touch screen radio frequency (RF) scanning devices.

It was an interesting project, as the 3WS program runs on a file server in Auckland, while the data base exists on a separate Data Server in Wellington and the system is used at Waitoa, about 2 hours south of Auckland.

Interfaces were developed to link 3WS with two external systems (FOS and GEMMS) across NZ. Other sites are considering using Citrix servers and workstations to run 3WS remotely.

In other company news, Wayahead recently installed a new system at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Jakarta Indonesia. Other BMS sites are scheduled in Philippines and Pakistan.

Projects currently in progress include a new site at Nutra-Life in Auckland NZ and
another new Wyeth site, in Suzhou China. This takes the list of Wyeth sites world-wide
using Wayahead into double figures. Wayahead are also completing a major upgrade at
Baxter Healthcare in Sydney, who are installing the Manufacturing module, using radio
frequency (RF) scanners. Other projects are in progress, for additional PLC functionality
for Catalent in Melbourne and IBC management, lot return weighing at Symbion in

Wayahead, who come of age in July when the company becomes 21 years old, recently welcomed teo new staff members, Tariq Firoz and Tony Donaldson, both experienced
Senior Software Engineers.

If you have any barcode labelling, weighing, barcode scanning or manufacturing queries,
please contact Wayahead anytime, to discuss how they can assist you.

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