Wayahead in Quality Products and Support

Wayahead Systems is a privately owned Australian company that has proven worldwide success.

Wayahead’s core business is the continual development and marketing of 3WS – Wayahead Windows Weighing System, the Dispensing software package designed for large manufacturing companies.

Wayahead in products

Wayahead’s software packages are dedicated to assist in production manufacturing in

  • Dispensing
  • Mixing
  • Packaging

Wayahead software can be used wherever two or more materials are used to create a final product.

What’s unique about the system?

With Wayahead 3WS installed, the PC guides the operator through the various steps in making a complete product. The PC is linked to barcode scanners, thermal barcode printers and electronic scales. It ensures that each material within the product specification is weighed and manufactured within its pre-set tolerances and rules. The system also guarantees that only correct and approved QC Lot Nos of each material are used.

Available modules

Wayahead 3WS software is available in the following modules:

  • Dispensing
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Lot processing
  • Validation
  • Extras

Wayahead in services

Wayahead is a great deal more than a software systems supplier. We become a business partner with our customers offering:

  • Validation and site acceptance planning
  • Installation, training and consulting
  • Hardware supply, offering cordless barcode scanners, barcode printers, PC networks and balances.

In fact, Wayahead will do everything in its power to help you manage your production process more efficiently.

Wayahead in support

Wayahead Systems has developed sophisticated support networks to ensure that wherever Wayahead software is used, companies can be absolutely confident about the backup they receive.

A Windows product, whichever platform you run, our experienced technicians will ensure that your Wayahead software is up and running quickly and efficiently.

Wayahead, whichever way you look at it

Wayahead Systems offers stable, industry-proven products, which have been fully validated and reviewed by the Government Health Department to fulfil Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All development procedures are controlled using our strict internal quality system. With Wayahead products installed, the traditional second checker is not required when dispensing, manufacturing or packaging.

Around the world, Wayahead enjoys a good reputation with major corporations for product support and ongoing systems development. For large manufacturing companies, Wayahead Systems lives up to its name.

Wayahead in worldwide markets

Large multi-national pharmaceutical companies in countries all around the world have adopted Wayahead Systems 3WS dispensing package. Wayahead software is currently being used successfully in Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom & United States of America.

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