Wayahead Systems Complete Three New 3WS Installations

Wayahead Systems have completed three new 3WS installations at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in China and Taiwan plus a local site at Symbion Health in Brisbane.

The project for Symbion involves weighing into Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) which are on load-cells. The IBC is tagged and scanned before and after weighing or mixing activities, to create a full electronic batch record for the work order. The system is interfaced to JDE.

3WS at Wyeth is also linked to JDE and manages three remote warehouses and multiple dispensing and mixing rooms. The project uses radio frequency (RF) mobile computers to manage the following activities: lotno location movements, picking of work orders, packaging issues and returns, plus cycle counting using the stocktake RF programs.

All 3WS site, world-wide, are fully validated.

new Projects

New projects include SAP-3WS Interface functionality for multiple sites in US, Europe and Australia. Wayahead are also developing a new Equipment Management module, which ensures all equipment is scanned, then checked to ensure it is clean. This module also monitors Temperature and Relative-Humidity, in each manufacturing area.

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