Weigh Feeder Scales Commissioned for Coal Processor

Two sets of Weigh Feeder Scales were recently installed and commissioned by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch for Pacific Carbon’s plant at Kooragang Island. The Weigh Feeder Scales are used for identifying the flow rate of coal being processed into the client’s high quality coke for use in steel Making.

Each of the Weigh Feeders comprises a weigh hopper mounted on four heavy duty industrial load cells connected to a digital weight indicator fitted with an analog output card. The analog 4-20mA weight signals are fed into a PLC to calculate the flow rate of coal being discharged from the weigh feeders into a tph (tons per hour) rate.

The rate of coal discharged from the Weigh Feeder Scales is regulated by the PLC to achieve the required flow rate of coal for optimum processing of the coal into high quality coke. The Weigh Feeders are suspended from framework approximately 50 metres above ground level for direct feeding into the retort chambers where coal into coke conversion is initiated.

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