Weighbridge Load Cell Servicing Just as Important as Reverification

AccuWeigh recently completed a full service and reverification of a weighbridge for a long-standing customer in Western Australia. Along with the regular calibration and reverification checks, there are other very important items that we also check to ensure the weighbridge complies with the prevailing legislation and performance expectations, like travel stop adjustment.

Also critical is the operation and condition of the load cells. “Many weighbridge owners are unknowingly shortening the service life of the weighbridge load cells”, said Jeremy Hembrough, Regional Sales Manager at AccuWeigh.

“In most cases a customer accepts a price to calibrate their weighbridge, but they forget, or are not told, that their load cells also need regular cleaning, inspection and lubrication of the moving parts”, he said.

Load cells in weighbridge applications are moving parts that, if neglected, can lead to premature wear and ultimately, a costly refit which could have been avoided. “We strongly recommend that all weighbridge owners insist that their current service provider includes load cell servicing as part of the annual calibration process, a smart move in the long-term”, Hembrough said.

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