Weighing and Consolidating the Container

Getting the maximum net weight into a container or bulk bag is easily achieved when a Vibrating Compaction Table is employed.

Enmin Vibratory Equipment is a specialist company based in Victoria offers a wide range of custom and standard designs that will consolidate bulk materials.

During the filling process, unless de-aeration is generated the container will be shipped with less than the maximum achievable weight. Considering a shipping sea container or a road truck this can add to the overall cost of transportation since a lesser load is dispatched since all the potential space is not utilized. In some cases reported, damage to the goods has occurred due to shifting of loads brought about by loosening of packaging. This is brought about by the vibration caused during road or rail transport.

Smaller packages such a 25 kg cartons or bags for example if corrected consolidated can be securely packed on their pallet, shrink wrapped and arrive in the same condition as they were dispatched.

Tests have easily demonstrated that with for example powdered materials such as fertilizer or food stuffs an increase of up to 20% extra material can be achieved in the container. Converting this to money, a real saving in transport costs is easily obtained. Secondly and perhaps more important the goods arrive at their destination securely packaged and without damage.

Enmin Vibratory Compaction Tables are usually installed at the point where the container or flexible bulk bag is being filled. Simply by interlocking the electrics as the filling takes place the load will be subjected to a timed and controlled vibration frequency that will quickly consolidate the material. On reaching the net weight the system simply switches off until the next cycle.

The Vibratory Compaction Table can be supplied with a standard platform low profile scale as a stand alone unit or engineered to suit any filling operation such as an automatic conveying process. Construction of the Vibratory Tables can be in carbon steel painted or hot dipped galvanized or in some cases in a stainless steel design for food or environmental considerations.

Enmin Vibratory Compaction Tables are successfully employed in consolidation such materials as tobacco leaf, dry chemicals, fertilizers, powdered milk, plastic pellets, seeds, vegetables, yellow cake, carbon black, charcoal, salt, plus numerous other materials. Enmin Vibratory Equipment offers a test facility to accurately establish the probable increase in consolidation as well as the most suitable vibration frequency for the specific product.

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