Weighing System for Air Freight Terminal

A Weighing System was recently commissioned in South Australia for attaining the weight of goods being shipped via air freight before being loaded onto aircraft. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, the weighing system is fully trade approved to ensure high weighing accuracy.

The weighing system is used as a final check to ensure the total weight of freight to be loaded into each aircraft doesn’t exceed the aircraft’s rated capacity. The weight from the weighing system is also used to assist with load positioning within the aircraft’s by identifying excessively heavy trolley loads.

This Australian Made weighing system was manufactured to custom measurements to suit the client’s freight tractor and trailer combination units. Measuring four metres long, the weighing system feature a low profile and is fitted with metal ramps at each end for easy trolley access.

With a weighing capacity of six tonnes, the weighing system is supported on six heavy duty industrial load cells with a high overload factor to cope with the knocks and bumps expecting in this application. As well as displaying the weight readings, the digital weight indicator also stores the tare weight of each trolley used in the facility to display only the net weight of cargo on each trailer.

Accuweigh is Australia’s Weighing Experts with our eight branches across all mainland states providing full sales and service support on cargo scales and all types of scales and weighing equipment.

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