Weighing Terminals Provide Maximum Connectivity

All processes require specific solutions. The expectations from process equipment are therefore very high. With the all-new IND131/IND331 series of transmitters and terminals, Mettler Toledo is able to deliver equipment that offers comprehensive application features, speed and connectivity with outstanding total value.

Unrivalled Speed and Accuracy
Process applications need speed. An extremely high A/D update rate of 366Hz is combined with Mettler Toledo’s proven TraxDSP™ noise filtering to make sure that you get updated weight information the very moment you need it for your automatic process. TraxDSP™ is a patented combination of multi-stage filters. They filter out background noise and vibration, making the IND131/IND331 the ideal terminal for mixing, agitating and any other dynamic process.

Connect to the World with One Standard Process Terminal
Today’s process automation environment has to cope with various well established communication standards. This forces Engineering Companies and System Integrators to use equipment from different sources or with different specifications. The versatile IND131/IND331 can easily connect to multiple automation platforms. It provides direct PLC and DCS connectivity using 4-20mA, digital I/O, RS232/485, Allen-Bradley® RIO, Profibus® DP, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP.

Choice of calibration methods
The IND131/IND331 process terminals offer four different methods for the calibration of your weighing system:

  • Traditional calibration method with independent zero and span calibration
  • Step calibration method using a combination of certified weights and substitute mass
  • CalFREE™ method for calibrating without test weights. The Mettler Toledo CalFREE™ calibration method offers an alternative to traditional methods. This is particularly useful for large tanks or silos where the use of test weights to calibrate the scale is not practical
  • The Calibration from PLC method is a new feature on the IND131/IND331 process terminals. This method allows the PLC programmer to automate the calibration process. This alleviates the need for an operator to interact with the terminal during calibration thus reducing the potential of operator error.

Simple integration: Panel or Harsh
Available in multiple enclosure styles to match any process environment, the series includes IND131 DIN rail mount, IND131 junction box, IND331 panel mount and IND331 harsh, desk or wall mount.

The IND331 panel version eliminates the need to laser cut the front panel. It only needs holes for fixing screws and one hole for passing the data cable. The distance between the IND331 display and its DIN Rail mountable electronics can be up to 18 metres.

Secure and Portable Settings
The complete configuration is saved on an internal SD memory card. This ensures fast restoration or duplication of user settings and configuration on replacement terminals without the risk of configuration mistakes.

The versatility of the IND131/IND331 process terminals make them an economical solution for quick, accurate, high performance weighing, delivering precision measurement data in a single, cost-effective package.

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