Weighing Terminals

Accuweigh can supply a range of Weighing Terminals that are freely programmable to enable custom weighing functionality or data handling capabilities to be performed to client’s requirements. The IT series of Weighing Terminals are designed for demanding industrial weighing applications and are all based on powerful modular hardware combined with free programmability.

IT6000E Weighing Terminal
The IT6000E Weighing Terminal is ideal for many standard or application specific weighing solutions including:

  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Setpoint Filling & Batching Applications
  • Check Weighing & Dynamic Weighing
  • Vehicle Weighing
  • Mobile Data Capture Systems

Like others in Accuweigh’s IT series of Weighing Terminals, enclosures are fully stainless steel rated to IP65 with hardware for wall, desk and panel mounting. Power inputs include either VAC & DC and with Ethernet Interfaces available along with many other analog/digital inputs and outputs.

IT8000E Weighing Terminal
An updated version of the previous IT8000, the IT8000E Weighing Terminal is now fitted with a full colour multi-line graphics display to more clearly illustrate complex weighing functionality. Based on a similar modular design and suited for industrial weighing applications, the IT8000E offers free programmability and be precisely configured for demanding weighing applications using up to two load cell inputs onboard plus a host of external scale inputs through a multiplexed intelligent scale card.

With a host of Serial interfaces, BCD, up to 64 Inputs and 64 Outputs, FieldBus and Ethernet connectivity, the IT8000E Weighing Terminal offers almost unlimited expansion. Typical weighing applications include:

  • Weighbridge Terminal Controlling Positioning Sensors, Traffic Lights with Extensive Reporting
  • Filling Controller for Fully Automatic Operation with Extensive I/O Control
  • Multi-Material Batching Operation, Auto/Manual Modes, Sequencing and Full Reporting
  • Bulk Shipping Controller, Shipping and Receiving Modes, Weigh In/Weigh Out Remote Control via FieldBus
  • Loss-In-Weight, Weigh Feeder Operation with Automatic Feed Control
  • Check-Weighing, In-Motion and Static Modes, Beltweighers, Grading Scales

IT9000E Weighing Terminal

A high end Weighing Terminal that is freely programmable with a full Alpha/Numeric keyboard mated to a large graphic display to allow complete customisation for the the most demanding weighing applications. With high noise immunity against radio interference and up to 400 weight updates per second, the IT9000E is the ideal weighing terminal to perform the most complex weighing applications.

Available with two onboard A/D scale inputs but capable of also being multiplexed to a further eight scale bases, the performance of the IT9000E Digital Weight Indicator far exceeds most people’s expectations.

The IT9000E Weighing Terminal can be trade approved for in-motion weighing applications including in-motion axle weighbridges, high speed checkweighing, in-motion grading scales and can competently perform as a multi-ingredient batching system or as a mobile data capture system.

Only limited by application requirements, the IT9000E is designed to outperform and outlast all other intelligent weighing terminals available on the market.

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