WHISPAIR Blowers Equalize Pressure Pulses

Roots RAS-J air blowers and RGS-J gas blowers, available from Hurll Nu-Way, equalize pressure pulses, reducing shock wave intensity by up to 40%. This means:

Longer bearing life – Less shock transmitted through the impellers means approximately 20% longer bearing life. Other components such as timing gears, drive couplings, v-belts and motor bearings suffer less stress, too.

Lower energy consumption – The patented ROOTS WHISPAIR’s jet design precisely meters backflow and channels air pressure in the direction of impeller rotation. The result is an extra “push” that reduces the power required to drive the impellers.

Lower Noise – Pressure pulses are also the major source of blower and gas blower noise. The pressure equalizing effect of the Whispair™ design reduces noise by approximately 5 dBA, while reducing wear on your piping valves and sensitive instrumentation.

Testing – Every Roots blower is mechanically tested to design extremes of speed, pressure and temperature. Roots validates the flow capacity as well as major critical factors such as vibration, oil circulation and operating clearances. This ensure your blower is manufactured to the highest standards with performance proven to meet your process needs. Special testing requirements are welcome.

Cylinder and headplates – All units are configurable to horizontal or vertical flows. Cylinders and headplates are precision machined grey iron, with cast ribs for improved strength and heat transfer. All RAS-J and RGS-J blowers incorporate a wrap-around plenum design and feature ROOTS’ exclusive WHISPAIR™ jet. Castings may be subjected to strenuous pressure and leak testing to ensure integrity in the most demanding applications.

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