Why Use Air Cannons?

Vortex Blastair air blaster, now available in Australia from Kinder & Co., is a revolutionary and reliable air cannon system, which is a cost-effective solution for removing material build up and blockages occurring in silos, hoppers, kilns preheater, cyclones, kilns and other industrial machinery.

Vortex Blastair systems are available for use in the most demanding high and low temperature applications and environments in the cement, steel, power stations, chemical, incinerators, fertilizer, and any other industries with powdery and granular storage with potential material flow problem.

The Vortex Blastair does not require any specific air supply, available plant air is sufficient with a minimum 4 bar air pressure (5 to 6 bar for better results) with moderate air consumption.

The compressed air contained in the pressure vessel is instantly released, and the achieved blast, called the "impact force" evacuates materials sticking to the walls (rat holing), as well as breaking potential bridging thanks to the shock wave obtained. Blasts are usually organised by using an automatic sequencer.

Vortex Blastair is a patent pending air blaster / air cannon currently available in three (3) models: DN 50 (V2), DN 100 (V4) and DN 150 (V6) respectively, for both high temperature and low temperature applications.

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