Wide Range of Magnetic Separators Available from WJB Engineering

WJB Engineering manufactures many different types of magnets and magnetic separation solutions for sensitive food industry applications.

Some of these include pneumatic conveying line magnets, Rare Earth RE80 magnetic separation systems, high energy magnetic separation systems for tramp iron extraction, vacuum line magnets, pneumatic Blowline magnets, grate magnets, liquid line magnets, pipeline magnets, Blowline separators, inline magnets for removing stainless steel fragments, bar magnets, finger magnets, laboratory magnets, pressure pipeline magnets, grid magnets, magnets for extracting stone particles and magnetic stone, magnets for extracting work hardened Stainless Steel fragments, chute magnets, Plate Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets, High Strength Magnets, Self Cleaning and Rapid-Clean magnets, Magnattack Brand magnets and Magnattack magnetic separators, indicator magnets, outlet magnets, pallecon magnets, 10,000 gauss magnets, Magnets for HACCP, food safety magnets, intakes magnets, conveyor magnets, magnets for product security, finger pot magnets, test magnets, circular magnets, suspension magnets, can depalletising magnets and magnetic probes.

WJB Engineering also manufactures magnets to suit non standard applications where magnetic separation is required in the food industry.

Magnet validations (magnet testing or magnet checking) is also offered as a service by WJB Engineering.

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