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Enmin Vibratory Equipment based in Melbourne has worked with a leading materials handling supply house in the development of a specific Vibratory Screening Machine for the handling of powdered milk. The resultant machine is now regarded as world class and equal to any European production.

Enmin Vibratory Equipment specializes in both Electromagnetic and Electromechanical, Feeders, Screeners, Conveyors and Compaction equipment servicing a wide range of industries. Their products are exported to many overseas applications.

These specific Vibrating Screening Machines are required to meet the highest standards for food production and although Enmin Vibratory Equipment is a HACCP accredited manufacturer, the pre-requisite for this design has gone even further.

Hygiene is of paramount importance and hence the requirement for rapid demounting of components for both cleaning and maintenance without the use of hand tools has set the standard. Longitudinal tensioning of the screen panels with a novel shaping of the deck ensures screening capacity is achieved. Sealing of the dust cover proved an important consideration in handling this particular product combined with cleaning and hygiene needs.

Diven by twin vibratory motors and mounted on torsion arms these machine are both extremely quiet and offer close to 98% isolation in operation.

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