Worlds First 2-Wire Level Sensor That Measures Level up to 20 Meters

To measure levels beyond 12 metre distances in storage vessels, users had two primary options: use complex 4-wire ultrasonic devices or install expensive radar based instruments. Now, Endress+Hauser have launched the Prosonic M FMU 44 – the world’s first 2-wire loop powered, non-contact ultrasonic level sensor, that measures levels in tanks and silos up to 20 metres.

Technological advances within Endress+Hauser’s family of Prosonic M industrial ultrasonic level sensors have effectively doubled FMU 44’s measuring range over the previous model. This makes it the preferred choice for all industries and basic applications where ultrasonic technology devices are suitable – not too dusty, not a vacuum, not high temperature, not high pressure and no vapour. It can be used for the non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes, sullage and coarse bulk materials.

Why use ultrasonic level technology in these simple, and not so simple applications? Cost effectiveness!

The new level sensor is available as 4-20mA/ HART, in Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus platforms. The FMU 44 complies with normal 4-20mA loop power wiring and operates on 14 to 36Vdc or down to 10Vdc when used in HART mode with fixed 11mA consumption.

The enclosure is IP68 rated and can be supplied with internal overvoltage protection. The frequency is 30 kHz and pulse repetition is 0.3 Hz. The sensors accuracy is ±0.2% of set range and allowed process/ambient temperature is -40°C to +80°C. The fully PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) encapsulated chemical resistant sensor has a blocking distance of 0.5m and installations in 400mm tall narrow nozzles are possible.

Endress+Hauser’s Prosonic M FMU 44 is suitable for all industries with storage facilities, particularly in the primary and resources sectors. This compact sensor is an ideal solution for remote inventory control and silo depot sites as well as in remote solar powered situations.

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