Yamatake Releases A New Range of Transmitters


AT9000 Advanced Transmitter is a microprocessor-based smart transmitter that features high performance and excellent stability. Capable of measuring gas, liquid, vapour, and liquid levels, it transmits 4 to 20 mA DC analogue and digital signals according to the measured differential pressure.

It can also execute two-way communications between the CommPad (Handy Communicator) or HART® 375 communicator, thus facilitating self-diagnosis, rang resetting, and automatic zero adjustment.


1. High performance and stability

Unique characterization and composite semiconductor sensors realize high accuracy up to 0.04%F.S. Fast response within 100 msec. Our proven sensor technology enables Long-term stability up to 0.1% of URL per 10-year.

2. Wide measuring range (range ability)

A wide measuring range is available from a single model. This feature is highly effective in taking measurement over a wide range and reducing the need for inventory. Model GTX30D/31D/32D: 0.5 to 100 kPa (range ability: 200 to 1)

3. A diverse line up

A wide range of models is available to meet user requirements. They include draft range differential pressure, standard differential pressure, high differential pressure, standard differential pressure/high static pressure, and high differential pressure/high static pressure models. A wide variety of corrosion-resistant materials for wetted parts are also available.

4. Remote Communication

Two-way communication using digital output facilitates self-diagnosis, range resetting, automatic zero adjustment and other operations. HART® protocol communication is available as an option.

5. Approvals

A full range of approvals is available from FM, ATEX, IECeX and NEPSI, such as Explosion Proof, Intrinsic Safety and Dustproof. IECeX approval is to Ex ia, Ex nL, Ex iaD, Ex tD. Other approvals include SIL2 level.

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