Yamatake Releases New Controller Range

Yamatake has started shipping SDC45R/46R high-precision digital indicating controllers, the latest addition to the SDC45/46 Series shipping high-precision versions of its high-performance digital indicating controllers, offering improvements in equipment performance and yield in the manufacture of semiconductors and flat panel displays.

SDC45/46 Series high-performance digital indicating controllers are capable of high-speed sampling and high-precision measurement. Since up to 3 analogue inputs can be accommodated (depending on the model), multiple controls can be achieved with a single unit. Moreover, these models offer numerous outputs, including a power supply for transmitter use. Having won the 2007 Good Design Award for its front panel providing excellent operating ease and visibility, this series has proved very popular for a wide variety of applications, ranging from industrial furnaces and food processing machinery to plant and semiconductor markets.

The newly launched SDC45R/46R models have been developed with the objective of improving equipment performance and yield for manufacturing equipment and utilities. This is in response to many customer requests, especially from those in the semiconductor and flat-panel display (FPD) markets, for a means to realize accurate HVAC management and high-precision control of heat sources (chillers).

To enable high-precision measurement, the SDC45R/46R models are compatible with the 4-wire PRT sensors* often used in research labs for input of PV (current temperature). This enables high-precision, high-resolution temperature measurement with a sampling period of 100ms, input accuracy of ±0.05°C, and resolution (the smallest unit that can be displayed) of 0.001°C. They also can detect fluctuations in the heater power supply voltage in real time so as to automatically correct the control output, thus enhancing stability.

The SDC45R/46R is competitively priced. Sales activities are being focused on manufacturers of HVAC chambers, chillers and clean rooms for use in semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment.

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